Managing laravel auth and auth-token

When you develop an app in Laravel, sometimes you need to have a webapp and her native counterpart. To manage the authentication on the API side, there's this lovely package »

So you need your pc fixed

One in a while ( I said week ?) a friend of mine phones, mostly the one i did not hear for a long time, just to chat and ask me advice »

Let ghost be

After 2 days full of talks at From the Front, I'm happily back to work (on saturday, duh). There were lots of interesting talks and some ideas that needs to »

About interviews

I know it's a widely explored topic, but after a row of bad interviews I would like to spell out what I think it's the baseline to a decent job »

Compass: from zero to production in 20 minutes

Recently we decided it was time to write better css and optimize a little, and we did choose compass and the scss syntax as the tool. The project i'm workin »

ffmpeg not found after brew installing

After installing ffmpeg on my Mac OS X with brew (with the command) brew install ffmpeg --use-clang I could not reach ffmpeg from the command line. For some reason the »

rainy mood

This site it's incredible. image courtesy of Logophile Basically it has rain-in-the-forest recording that loops. You have to listen to it with (a good pair of) headphones, and it will »

Tutorial: Hide or show input passwords

When typing a password, on desktop devices,the dots that are covering typed characters are useful, because we can assume that somebody might walk behind our desk and look at »

Serendipity: phantomjs

So while browsing pointless the intertubes, this post came to my attention, and I started reading about phantomjs. I had already seen this project but never tried it. Now I'm »